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What better way to kick off the Featured Reviewer section of the site than by making its first recipient the very first YouTube Food Reviewer that I ever started watching! Meet Joseph Hernandez a.k.a Joey from Joey's World Tour! With his infectious personality and overall jovial approach to checking out the latest and greatest food items out there, Joey is an absolute blast to watch! He truly enjoys what he does and that's evident in every piece of content that he produces, which is 3 times a week!

From his signature "I'm Baaaaaaack!" opening line to his excited "Woo Woo Woo!" whenever the review item in question meets his approval, Joey's passion for his content and his channel is extremely high. It's not uncommon to find yourself smiling as he breaks down what works and what doesn't in his own signature style. To put it simply, Joey enjoys entertaining his audience while showcasing the item of focus in his reviews and he's a wonderful contributor to the YouTube Food Review Community!

Joey describes himself as a "YouTube Food Reviewer, Critic,Vlogger, Personal Chef and Stay-At-Home Comedian" and his content is rich with Food & Drink Reviews (Naturally!), Food Challenges, Various Collaborations and Cooking Videos. With well over 79K+ Subscribers and 15M+ Total Views for his channel, Joey has quite the following of fans who tune in Monday, Wednesday & Friday to see his latest take on what's out there to eat!

I was introduced to Joey by my neice, Molly, who forwarded me a YouTube Food Challenge video where Joey attempted to eat a whole jar of Nutella (Hands Free!) Click HERE for that video. I was intrigued and it was from that point on that I began watching just about every food review and food challenge he had uploaded at the time and I still do today. Joey's World Tour has been active on YouTube since 2007 so there is a wealth of content to enjoy!

Throughout it all, the one this about Joey, aside from his amazing personality, is he's consistent in the creation of his content. His personality is genuine and in the visual medium that is YouTube, what you see with Joey is what you get. He's the Real Mccoy! He's a passionate Content Creator who appreciates his fan base and he has an absolute blast on camera doing what he enjoys!

Make sure to hit the link HERE to check out Joey's World Tour, Subscribe to his Channel and let him know Ian K sent 'ya! He'll definitely keep you entertained!

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