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"Just for you and just for YOU!"

With so many amazing Content Creators out there on YouTube, Canada's Ken Domik of KBDProductionsTV stands out as one of the best by elevating the Food Review category to a whole other level. With seasoned editing skills that are only matched by the wit and delivery of what he showcases, Ken balances high production value with a fun and insightful review every time he releases new content. He was actually the 2nd YouTube Food Reviewer that I started watching after Joey's World Tour and he also helped to influence the path I've been on with my content since Day One.

With YouTube being a visual medium, Ken's strong focus on production quality spoke to me directly in the beginning and it's the prime reason I'm always looking to elevate my skills with every review I personally do as my channel evolves. You just have to look at but one of Ken's videos to understand where my own passion for editing with special effects comes from. With that in mind, Ken and I have a lot in common when it comes to the importance of creating a distinctive look for our content while using powerful editing tools and techniques.

Aside from the excellent production quality of his reviews, Ken's dedication to content creation is without question and it can only be classified as extremely passionate. He's one of the premier Content Creators out there and with over 300K+ Subscribers, his presence and reach in the community is far and wide.

Delivering varied content more than twice a week, Ken mixes up his Food Reviews between Fast Food, Drinks, Snacks, Candies, Desserts and everything in between. You'll even find plenty of Food Challenges in his Playlists too. You name it and Ken most definitely does it and he often gets a little assistance filming reviews with friends and family too.

Varied Content, Special Guests & Consistent Uploads!

Aside from the standard in-car review style used by so many on YouTube, Ken popularized his famous 2-camera setup giving viewers a fun back-and-forth variation to his content while keeping things visually interesting and entertaining. His signature "Just for you and just for YOU!" has become a catchphrase synonymous with KBDProductions TV and it's unmistakable.

He also ventures out to various restaurants on occasion showcasing some local favorites along with filming inside his home as well. Truth is, you never know where Ken will turn up next and that's half the fun of what he does! He truly keeps his content varied and his Playlists are clean and organized so you can find something specific pretty easily.

A Fun 2-Camera In-Car Setup! (Top & Bottom)

Another great aspect to the KBDProductionsTV experience is the behind-the-scenes look that Ken gives his fans through his secondary Vlog and Periscope channels. Like pulling back the curtain of the all powerful Oz, Ken gives you a look at his day, what's he's up to, how his edits are going and basically whatever else is on his mind. It's a fun look into the creative process of a popular YouTuber and it makes for great entertainment in and of itself.

What you see is what you get and with Ken Domik and what you're watching is a genuinely cool guy who absolutely loves what he does. He invites conversation while taking a real interest in his Subscribers and it all helps to showcase another dimension of how passionate he is about what he does.

Ken Domik Vlogs - Behind-The-Scenes!

I had the priviledge to meet Ken online a few months after starting my own channel and after getting to know him a bit while discussing what we were looking to accomplish with our respective channels, I was asked to be a part of The West Coast Food Tour that took place in the Fall of 2014. Along with some other amazing Content Creators that included Wreckless Eating, Joey's World Tour, Freak Eating, Blum Gum and Mediocre Films, Ken visited Los Angeles to meet up with us all and the epic week-long Food Review Collaboration was officially under way!

I met up with Ken in Old Town Pasadena for a look at Umami Burger and then on to Pink's Hot Dogs in Hollywood the very next day. It was also a blast giving Ken a tour around Los Angeles checking out some popular movie location hot spots, which included the Nightmare on Elm Street house, Doc Brown's house from Back to the Future and Elliot's house from E.T. Up to that point, The Umami Burger and Pink's Hot Dogs reviews with Ken were the first official LIVE collaborations I'd done with a fellow YouTuber and they're definite highlights in the overall history of my channel!

Umami Burger® Review with KBDProductionsTV! Peep THIS Out!

Pink's Hot Dogs with Ian Keiner from Peep This Out in Hollywood

Ken's Vlog #216 - Upload Explanation, Umami Burger, Halloween House, Elm Street House, E.T. House

Now as 2016 marches on, Ken has partnered up with the incomparable Daym Drops for the first ever CraveCon event set to take place on August 13th in Galveston, TX! The Food Review Community definitely has something to look forward to in August with an event that's designed to cater to the YouTuber who craves food, gaming, entertainment and the larger-than-life personalities found online! I'll be there as one of the invited guests along with many other familiar names in not just the Food Review category, but in various other entertainment circles on YouTube. You can find out more about the event by clicking HERE.

CraveCon 2016 - Food! Games! Entertainment! YouTube Talent!

With an incredible amount of varied content, a real passion for the craft, and a genuine love for what he does that truly stands out in every video he releases, Ken Domik is a definite YouTube influencer who continues to elevate the art of content creation as it relates to the Food Review Community. Make sure to click the links below to see what the KBDProductionsTV experience is all about and tell him Ian K sent 'ya!

KBDProductionsTV Main Channel: Click HERE

Ken Domik Vlogs: Click HERE

KBDPeriscopeTV: Click HERE

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