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With the release of the new Carl's Jr. California Classic Nationally across the country, I'm glad more Peeps can now experience something "similar" to the famed Double Double here on the West Coast! There is something a little interesting about the National Release of this one though.

Turns out the version being advertised is definitely NOT the same California Classic that I reviewed recently as part of a local Test Market here in Los Angeles, CA! Before you read further, check out my review below to get an up-close-and-personal look at the version I tried to give you a better perspective on it...

Now have a look at the window graphics for the version I tried along with the one now being advertised Nationally. Notice anything different?

Los Angeles Test Location Advertisement (Above)

National Advertisement (Below)

Aside from the price being $0.50 less, this updated California Classic is actually a smaller Double Cheeseburger on a non-seeded bun. It's now about the size of the McDonald's McDouble but with the "add-ons" of the Double Double. I would definitely say it's a lot closer to IN-N-OUT in that regard but it begs the question, "Would you rather have a BIGGER burger for $.50 more rather than something that's really the equivalent of a McDonald's McDouble but with Thousand Island Dressing and Grilled Onions?!"

I tried the new version the other day and while I thought it was pretty tasty, the experience was over pretty quickly given its relatively smaller size. This is not the same burger I sampled in Los Angeles for my review but it's a decent one nonetheless. The 2 Beef Patties are now equal to, say, a junior/value burger and you're still getting the nice flame broiled flavor associated with Carl's Jr. so that's definitely a highlight.

As for me, I'd take the version I reviewed over this new one easily just because it was a more satisfying overall experience! If you guys have tried this one already, what do you think? Was it worth it to YOU? Would you get it again and/or recommend it to others! Lemme know in the comments below!

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