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Better Watch Out Movie Poster

HOME ALONE meets SCREAM in this Holiday Themed Home Invasion Thriller with a Twist!

Christmas comes early for Thriller Fans with Official Release of "Better Watch Out" in Theaters and On-Demand on October 6, 2017 and it looks to deliver the goods in a way that no other thriller set during the holidays has in recent memory.

After generating tremendous buzz from pre-release screenings around the country throughout this past year, the film previously known as "Safe Neighborhood" looks inject a little adrenaline into a horror category that quite honestly can use a little dose of originality.

Better Watch Out

Ashley (Olivia DeJonge) and Luke (Levi Miller) are in way over their heads when things take a turn for the worse!

Better Watch Out is the story of a young boy and his babysitter crush trying to survive an unexpected event on a chilly night during the Christmas Season when things go sideways and what happens next turns macabre in ways you won't see coming.

It's a mixture of satirical/black comedy with a little suspenseful horror thrown into the mix and it's definitely a fun ride where things twist and turn until the very end. It should also satisfy even the most casual thriller fans with a jump scares that'll catch you off-guard and it's releasing in the month of Halloween as we head into the Fall Holiday Season. Definitely the perfect time to check this out given the theme of the film!

Check Out The Official Trailer! (CAUTION: NSFW)

As of October 6th, you can STREAM IT NOW so check out the links below and see the movie everyone is raving about all over the web! With an average Rotten Tomatoes score of 88%, this is one movie that looks to continue thrilling audiences long after the holidays have ended so hop to it!

You can also pick up your own physical copy on December 5, 2017 with the Official Nationwide Release of the Blu-Ray/DVD! Better Watch Out 'cuz this movie is a gift for any Thriller/Suspense/Horror fan no matter if they're naughty or nice!

Better Watch Out - Official Website: CLICK HERE

PRE-ORDER (Available 12/5/17): CLICK HERE

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