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"Chew Boom has the latest fast food news, fast trends and food culture covered. If it’s chewy and fast, we cover it."

Chew Boom is fast becoming an immediate favorite for a lot of Foodie Peeps out there and I've personally been a fan since finding them! They showcase the fun and excitement of late-breaking Foodie News and Reviews with info delivered in a very concise and clean format on their site. Their layout is really nice and super easy to navigate. There's nothing overly cluttered to keep you from finding what you want to read about. That's a great thing because you'll find plenty of fun content to read thanks to Bob Miller, their Editor in Chief, along with his growing team. Site content is growing quickly every day with more and more being added to cater to any and all food enthusiasts out there. New sub categories are being added as well like the recently-introduced Fast Food Deals page.

Super Clean Design - Very easy to navigate to find information quickly!

It's clear that the passion for the Fast Food, Fast Casual, Snack & Drink categories gets plenty of love and attention by the Chew Boom Crew and they're just getting started! Just like their catchphrase above...If it's chewy and fast, they cover it! Gotta love that name too! Very Catchy! ;-)

Food Reviews & More - Plenty of content awaits you on Chew Boom!

I think you'll find a lot to like with what they offer and you can bet that things will no doubt continue to grow over time! You can link to their site right HERE so head on over and after you bookmark their site, don't forget to tell 'em Ian K sent 'ya!

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