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The Official App for Peep THIS Out Reviews is now on Google Play for Android!

The evolution of Peep THIS Out Reviews begins as my first Android App goes LIVE in Google Play and it's off to a great start! As you can see below, the App is an extension of the web experience on Mobile with some easier functionality than trying to navigate the normal website version of my content! It's only the first step in a much broader plan that was put in motion immediately after my redesign/rebranding a couple of months ago as we ended 2016. The New Year should bring New Beginnings and so it was the best time to get this one off the ground! It's all about building on what was to be the basis for what will be! ;-) As with anything in life, 'ya gotta take that first step so here we go!

Sort content and view it anyway you wish!

Watch for updates to occur from time to time as the App matures so please let me know what you'd like to see incorporated over time. I want the experience to evolve as we move forward. Of course there will be some visual changes over time to give it more of that "POP!" that I link to inject into my reviews too! It's gonna be A LOT of fun to continue to develop and I'm looking forward to watching it grow. I hope you are too!

Also, I haven't forgotten about my Apple Peeps! I'm looking into a version for iOS so watch for more details in the near future! In the meantime, you'll find the link to the Android version below so just click on the pic or simply scan the QR Code and enjoy! Stay Frosty!

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