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Peep THIS Out Reviews Launches on Patreon!

In an effort to satisfy the requests from many of my awesome viewers out there, I've decided to launch The Official Patreon Page for Peep THIS Out Reviews! For those of you who may be wondering what Patreon is, it's basically a kickstarter-type of site where viewers/fans can donate monetarily to their favorite Content Creators in a variety of ways.

Given the costs and time associated with producing on a regular basis, it's a great way for Content Creators to recoup some of the those costs while continuing to produce the very best content that they can. Everything you see from Peep THIS Out Reviews is solely created by me and no one else. I have no team so everything I've done up to this point has been because of the passion that I have for the craft. I have a full explanation as it pertains to me personally on the site so make sure to click HERE to check it out.

After months of research and planning, I "soft launched" my Patreon page early in July and it's now fully available to check out complete with an Intro Video and various Reward Tiers where Peeps can score some cool bonuses too!

Click the pic above and watch the Intro Video for all the 411!

I couldn't be more thankful for the now 11,000+ Subscribers who have continued to help elevate what was initially a dream of mine into a reality that brings joy to so many Peeps on a daily basis each week! It's a blast for me to do and it definitely keeps me pretty busy as I'm always planning, researching, filming and, of course, editing.

It's also part of the reason that I've specifically designed my Reward Tiers to give back some of that joy and, as time goes by, I'll make sure to improve on things to make it even better! YOU can help me with that feedback by posting on the page! From General Support to even Sponsoring Certain Content, YOU have a direct impact either way and any contribution is greatly appreciated!

A Little Something for EVERYONE in the Reward Tiers!

In closing, let me just say that Patreon Support is completely optional. It's an avenue for those that wish to help support the content that I create directly while also helping to ease the cost and time associated with producing it. It also give supporters direct access to exclusive content along with other fun incentives.

If you decide to become a Patron, count on your contribution to be used effectively i.e. helping me with my goal of continuing to deliver the most visually informative and engaging content that you've come to expect from Peep THIS Out Reviews! :-)

Visit Peep THIS Out Reviews on Patreon: CLICK HERE

Thanks Everyone!

Ian K (",)

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