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Just opened a verified vidme account and uploaded over 20+ pieces of my recent content for public consumption! I'll also be adding each new release I put out from this point on to! For those that don't know, vidme is a fast-growing video platform that allows users to quickly upload their video content and turn it into simple shortlinks that can then be easily shared or embedded wherever you want to post 'em up! The links themselves seem a little similar to bitly ( in appearance but vidme is its own thing and it's quickly gaining traction as an alternative to other similar video platforms. I'll let you figure out which ones those might be! ;-) Click HERE for all the details on vidme. They've got a really nice companion App for your mobile devices as well.

Download the Android/iOS App from either Google Play or iTunes

Anyway, check out my vidme profile below and definitely follow me if 'ya like what you see! You can also follow directly using the link at the top of this page above my social media links! Lemme know what you think!

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