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Looks can definitely be deceiving and that's a good thing! Located in a more industrial part of Los Angeles, Carol and I visited probably one of the most innovative and progressive Italian Restaurants we've ever been to! Don't let the bar fight weapons that adorn some of the walls or the awesome meat hook chandeliers intimidate you however! This place is dripping with personality to match its truly innovative menu and it was a solid choice to visit as we commerated our 1st Wedding Anniversary!

Welcome to Bestia, Italian for "Beast" that's described on their website as "a multi-regional rustic Italian restaurant focusing on a “from scratch” approach, offering house-made charcuterie, in addition to handmade pastas and pizza made in an Acunto oven."

Celebrating our Wedding Anniversary: Carol JuJu and Ian K

Having made our reservations well in advance, we arrived early and were immediately impressed with how elegant the restaurant was inside. Let's just say that if you're looking for a truly elegant fine dining experience with a personality all its own, Bestia will satisfy. It's a mixture of modern design and Old World flair, which makes it very inviting when you walk through their doors. Let's get into the dishes we sampled during our visit!

Mussels and Clams - Housemade Spicy 'nduja Sausage, Fennel Seed, Preserved Orange, and served with Grilled Bread

What a way to start off our dining experience! As a fan of mussels and clams in general, the version served at Bestia has to be hands-down some of the best we've ever had. A lightly spicy yet savory broth that was literally a meal in itself with their grilled bread, this dish was enhanced by their housemade sausage that completely brought out the wonderful flavors hidden within. The texture of the mussels and the clams were perfect having been expertly prepared to avoid any chewy toughness that can sometimes occur if they're overcooked. It was an incredible version of a popular dish that we'll definitely be getting again.

Cavatelli alla Norcina - Ricotta Dumplings, Housemade Pork Sausage, Black Truffles, Grana Padano

This one was truly decadent and extremely rich in flavor! The sauce itself was thick enough that it stuck to the ricotta dumplings nicely and the pork sausage added the right amount of saltiness to really make this one very satisfying with each bite. The dumplings themselves were of the al dente variety, which suited me just fine, as they were fun to chew. The grilled bread from the mussels and clams dish was also a good choice for dunking since it absorbs the rich sauce along with some of that delicious sausage. We actually had no problem having that bread with each dish!

Roasted Marrow Bone - Spinach Gnocchetti, Crispy Breadcrumbs, Aged Balsamic

Although this was another selection that we chose to order, it could easily be considered a main course entree given its awesome presentation. A house favorite, this dish features a split bone filled with delicious marrow that you scoop down and mix into the spinach gnocchetti. Our tastebuds were in absolute heaven with a flavor so rich that initial guilt felt with each bite was quickly replaced with expressions of pure eating satisfaction! This is easily a dish that needs to be experienced and it's popularity is completely warranted. A definite highlight of our night.

All in all, it was a great place to celebrate our special day and it was made even more satisfying with their amazing food, great service and a really enticing dining environment.

FOOD: 10/10




Visit their website HERE for a further look at what Bestia has to offer and definitely make it one of the restaurants you visit the next time you're Los Angeles!


2121 7th Place

Los Angeles, CA 90021


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