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The Next Level Of "Peep THIS Out!"

Well, after many months of planning what I wanted to do to further enhance the "Peep THIS Out!" experience as my YouTube Channel continues to grow, I decided to finally launch this Official companion site and the primary reasons for it is outlined below.

First, being that my channel was designed as a multi-category review format from Day One, I wanted a medium that could do the other categories justice content-wise. It's pretty hard to keep up with EVERYTHING in all categories but if I could have a platform like the one I've created here, I could deliver content on this site more quickly to you. The goal is to give all you guys more fun stuff to consume while delivering my main content on YouTube like normal and all without impacting my regular release schedule! Hey, I'm a fan of a some pretty amazing Content Creators on YouTube like most of you so I know the desire to always want content from them as much as possible. By updating the BLOG portion of this site daily, I can do some reviews that might otherwise not make it onto my YouTube Channel as quick as I'd like them to. Besides, I also like to write! As Communations / Broadcast Journalism major in College, I already know this is gonna be a blast and and just producing what you're all seeing right now was super fun to do!

Second, I wanted a more interactive platform than just what I have currently available on my Facebook page found HERE. The platform I designed this site on is very powerful so look for enhancements to it as time goes by. I want it to be as interactive as possible and the editing platform for my site has all the tools necessary to deliver that "Pop!" I go for just like when I produce my regular content on YouTube. I'm a HUGE fan of technology so believe me when I tell you that I've done my homework on all the web hosting services out there during the intial planning stage for this project.

So welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy what you're seeing so far and rest assured that the site will evolve and grow as time goes by so make sure to bookmark it and drop me a line in the CONTACT tab should you have any suggestions or comments that you'd like to share! This site belongs to you all as it does to me and your input will help it flourish over time!

Have Fun and Stay Frosty!

Ian K (",)

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