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Looks like Taco Bell is annoucing what they say is possibly their biggest idea EVER(?) and it's about to be unveiled during the biggest Football Game of the Year! As advertisers scramble for your attention throughout Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco on 2/7, speculation is running rampant as to what Taco Bell has planned!

For those who've been following the fast food industry for any length of time, all fingers seem to point towards a mythical product that was test marketed in Toledo, OH, early in 2015. The test market was so successful, in fact, that this product was approved for release and many expected it to be everywhere at some point during the year...but, alas, that wasn't the case. So what is this mythical item that Taco Bell fans have been chasing since that time? Well, it looks to be the...

With a flaky crisp taco shell stuffed with Melted Pepper Jack Cheese and filled with the Taco Bell goodness you know and love, this one looks to satisfy all the taco-eating cheese lovers out there! It's an idea that's long overdue and with the success of the Doritos Locos Taco and the famed Quesarito, this new hybrid taco/quesadilla looks to usher in a new line of products that could include various fillings to spice things up on their menu.

A Successful Test Market Gets Approved For A National Release

We'll all know more during the big game as the Denver Broncos battle the Carolina Panthers for Super Bowl supremacy, but if you're looking to get the inside track on what Taco Bell has up its sleeve, head over to Taco Bell's website HERE where you can enter your email adress to Preorder whatever this mystery item is and even sample it a day before the Super Bowl itself! The cost is $2.99 and there's a limit of 5 per person. It's a definite plus in the marketing category since Taco Bell is having fun with the "you don't know what it is, but thanks for preordering it" message after securing your spot.

Watch The Official Reveal During Super Bowl 50

You may even come across another coupon promo at some restaurants where buying a Medium Fountain Drink can get you that Top Secret item for FREE on 2/6 between 2-4pm! Either way, fans of Taco Bell have a lot to look forward to during Super Bowl 50 as the mystery will finally be revealed.

Now aside from the promotion above and all the signs pointing to the Quesalupa as the Top Secret item, there's a chance it could be something else entirely. It's small, but anything is possible! Taco Bell did test market their Naked Crispy Chicken Taco a few months back in select locations on the West Coast and I had the opportunity to review it. Click HERE to check out what I thought of a taco shell made completely of fried chicken! While I still personally think what we'll actually see is the mythical Quesalupa, you just never know and that's half the fun of it!

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