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An upscale modern dining experience awaits you upon entering BOA Steakhouse and let me just say Carol Juju and I were highly impressed with the overall time spent visiting their Santa Monica location recently. Featuring a wide variety of high quality Surf & Turf menu items and other various favorites, BOA Steakhouse more than satisfied the high expectations we had based on prior recommendations to come here.

The Restaurant Overlooks A Gorgeous View Of The Santa Montica Pier

The Santa Monica location is located right off of Santa Monica Blvd overlooking the famous Santa Monica pier and the view is always amazing. The sweet sounds of the ocean can be heard over any bustling street traffic so if you're sitting in the available outside patio area, you got that nice view to enjoy with your meal...and what a meal it was!

A Beautifully Modern & Upscale Dining Environment

Elegant Bar Area

The menu has a lot to offer from traditional meats and fish to enhanced versions of classic comfort food favorites. There's definitely something for most anyone and with their focus on absolutely the best flavor possible with each dish, even the most finicky eater should have no problem finding something to like about BOA Steakhouse. What follows below is a look at what we sampled so have a look!

A Loaded Surf & Turf Menu (Top / Bottom)

Roasted Marrow Bones with Toast (Beautiful Presentation!)

Roasted Marrow Bones with Toast

Truffled Cheese Fries

Sauteed Seasonal Mushrooms

21 Day Dry Aged Bone-In Rib Eye (Tri Peppercorn Rub)

21 Day Dry Aged Bone-In Rib Eye (Cooked Medium)

40 Day Dry Aged New York Strip (Herbed Butter)

40 Day Dry Aged New York Strip (Cooked Medium)

As you can see, the quality of the food at BOA Steakhouse was absolutely fantastic. Our steaks were cooked to perfection and they were extremely tender. The Tri Peppercorn Rub of my Bone-In Rib Eye added a truly rich and unique seasoning to the already incredible flavor of the meat itself. The same goes for the Herbed Butter on Carol's New York Strip. Both meats were deliciously decadent.

The Truffled Cheese Fries featured a rich Gruyere Swiss Cheesevflavor that instantly hit your taste buds with next level taste to compliment the crispness of the natural cut fries themselves. That same next level taste goes for the Sauteed Seasonal Mushrooms as well. The mushrooms had a hearty rich flavor to go with the steaks and it was the perfect side item to pair with our meat selections. Nothing was overly salty since there was a truly fine balance of seasoning to go with the already natural flavor of the meat itself. Everything was absolutely fantastic and it goes without saying that we'll definitely be back to try some of their other amazing selections.

It was an absolutely delicious meal within a really beautiful dining environment topped off with an amazing ocean view. We had an absolutely fantastic time and I'm sure you will too. With locations in both Santa Monica and West Hollywood, BOA Steakhouse is truly something you need to experience here in Southern California. Considering the premium for some of the major cuts of meat on their menu, you absolutely get what you pay for and we were completely satisfied with our overall meal. We're thankful for the recommendation we personally received to come and try this place out!

FOOD: 10/10




Visit their website HERE

BOA Steakhouse

101 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401


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